The world of Mithrill has a lot of gods. There is an entity above all, Dreamer, but the mortals know almost nothing about it but its existence.

The ancient gods became forgotten, their essences mixed, and created Mithrill, the Fater of All Elements.

Then came into existence the great gods with will and emotions:
Innaras, god of cosmic order
Goruzar, god of cosmic chaos
Borzak, godness of elemental evil
Hione, godness of elemental good
Gauiol, godness of life.
People whorsip these gods in these days too, but their mentality stay away everythin we know.

Most popular are the little gods:
Zuzák, god of war, son of Goruzar and Borzak
Ihle, god of freedom, son of Goruzar and Hione
Gaya, godness of fertility, daughter of Goruzar and Gauiol
Alcazar, god of death, son of Innaras and Borzak
Tarasko, god of balance, son of Innaras and Gauiol
Maya, godness of justice, daughter of Innaras and Hione.


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